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Kings Sutton Heritage Trust Fund

Mission Statement:  To promote, protect and enhance the history,facilities, structures, and amenities of the village of King's Sutton  and the surrounding area for the benefit of its inhabitants by utilizing funds which are charitably donated on projects that are outside of the scope of normal rates and taxes.

We have a tremendous Heritage within the confines of our village......We all have a responsibility to future generations to encourage the maintenance of our History and the building of our community in the years ahead.

Thanks to everyone for the generous donations, photos and memories.

Updates For all of the Current Projects....

Project 1...The Website....Update   04/10/2015

Since initialising this project as the Heritage Trust Village website, we have recently recorded our 115000th visitor So since Jan 2006 on average, we have regularily attracted about 10000 visitors per year.  Page deletions will now be started as many of the current pages are poorly visited and this will make room for new Historic Content. There is still a wealth of information to edit and transfer to the site. Interaction with various past and present residents of the village has been most welcome and many have sent us details and photos of cherished memories of their parents/grandparents lives. With your assistance we will continue to bring you as much content as possible by using current facilities available to us.  Where appropriate we will publish all details sent to the site.

  Project 2...The History Archive.....Update...04/10/2015 

The History Archive is a living document which needs sustenance to grow. It is very encouraging that this section of the site is visited many times per week and the expanded content is of great interest to many people from abroad as well as many parts of the UK. Most recently we have been working on a recently acquired document from 1968 which is a Souvenir Program from the opening ceremony of the Playing Fields.  This is presented on a new page...Historical Documents, which now also has various copies of wills and sales particulars from the 19th Century.  Also thanks to various village residents more Historic photos are now presented on the Photo Archive page. 

Any information about past events, along with photos would be appreciated.
We would be really interested to hear from you with a view to adding this to the stock of available information.
Email us here.

Information forgotten is information lost to future generations........The history archive will endeavor to protect such information, memories and photos for our future heritage.   It is important...please get involved.

 Project 3...The Reading Rooms Coronation Challenge Cup....update 04/10/2015

The cup was unearthed a few years ago, found by a village resident and handed to our committee. Following extensive advertising and research its true history has still not been resolved although we know it was  first presented in 1937.  However, pending further investigation it was decided that it should be offered to the King's Sutton Primary school.

On behalf of the Heritage Trust, the cup, now renamed the Heritage Cup continues to be presented at the school Speech day each year and is awarded for an outstanding piece of literary work chosen by the School.

 Project 4 .....King's Sutton Juniors  update....30/12/12

The  now well established, under 11's Football Team was formed some years ago in the village.  The  King's Sutton Juniors was supported by The Heritage Trust in  this venture with an initial donation to assist with a new strip.  We will be following the Team and would like to extend our support in future years. The team is continues to perform very well. Now renamed Kings Sutton Royals their progress can be tracked by clicking this link.....Here

Does Charity begin at Home?

It is difficult to quantify just how many people in King's Sutton are actively engaged in charitable activities. However it is certainly quite a sizeable number.  But there are also many who do not actively take part in any fundraising simply because they have not taken any, one, ongoing, cause to heart. The Heritage Trust Fund is, in essence, inward looking, because it concerns King's Sutton and its residents.  However many of our projects will have an on-going effect on a much wider audience beyond the confines of our village. 

Volunteers are needed who want to make a difference within our own community.  Of course we understand that those who are already engaged in other charities may not wish to participate but we are deliberately making our Charitable Objectives wide enough so that we will be able to tackle a  range of projects and would therefore welcome everyone to become involved.....

Your assistance would be appreciated in any way that you are able to contribute. ( This may simply be the introduction of a project that is close to your heart,  but which you may not have the expertise to progress.......We may be able to assist! )

                                       If you would like more details of how you can         
                                          be involved please.........
Email me Today