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Did you know..

Dr. Ratcliffe, the famous physician from Oxford, was said to have patronised Astrop very warmly. In 1749 a new well was opened at King's Sutton with great solemnity at which a breakfast was given by Anthony  Keek of Leicestershire in gratitude for the benefit he had received. This is the Bog Spring which can still be found in the meadow close by the railway station.

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The village of King's Sutton ( The place name means the King's south estate.) lies at the southernmost tip of Northamptonshire and the border of Oxfordshire. We have great transport links by both road and rail to London, Oxford and Birmingham as well as being close to the Oxford Canal. For the discerning tourist we are easily within range of Warwick, Stratford and all that the Cotswolds has to offer. Historically wealthy, we take great pride in the Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul, the legend of St Rumbold dating back to 662, our very own natural bog spring and the Astrop Spa, discovered in 1664.  (See our History Archive for a wealth of further information)

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                            The Grange, King's Sutton
                        (soon to be demolished and replaced by apartments)
                                                    ( See more on the History Archive pages )